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I’m Gonna Be a Massage Therapist!

So, I am attending Miller-Motte College in Fayetteville NC to become a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist!  I’m 3 months into the program and my graduation date is set for 23 December 2014. I’m so excited about this journey that I’ve embarked on because I know that I will be able to help so many people.  And not only that, I will be able to help myself with my battle with fibromyalgia.

BUT, I’m going to need help from YOU. In order to complete the hours of hands on experience required to complete my certification, I need to put my hands on people! 🙂

So, if you live in the Fayetteville, NC area and you are interested in receiving a SUPER affordable massage by Yours Truly, please call Serenity Spa Student Clinic at Miller-Motte College and ask for a massage with Tonya Caballero! 910-354-1929

God Bless and Take Care
Love, Tonya
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