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Planning vs. Doing

I just read a wonderful post by the people of Edgar, my new social media BFF. 🙂

Stay focused, and keep moving forward! #NoFear

When planning becomes procrastinating

Over-planning doesn’t feel like a bad thing when you’re doing it – in fact, it feels pretty good! You’re creating a believable illusion of productivity, while assuming none of the risk that actually acting on your plans would entail.

If you get so caught up in your plans that you’re constantly putting off action, though, you’re really just procrastinating. Unless you actually launch that blog, self-publish that book, or order those business cards, you may as well be cruising celebrity gossip sites or binging your way through Netflix – your business won’t know the difference either way.

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God bless and take care.




Salsa Baile con Sazon2

The lovely Rachel Cassandra wrote this article about connecting with your dance partner and creating something beautiful together. I just HAD to share!


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Company Must Pay $1.35M For Claiming Copper-Infused Sleeves Relieve Chronic Pain


Has anyone seen these sleeves on TV and just had to have them?  They sounded so legit, didn’t they? Garbage…

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40 Things Parents Shouldn’t Have to Say to Their Kids, but Do

I stumbled across this funny article and I had to share it. I have said so many of these things to my children including number 1! Thank God I haven’t had to say number 22… 🙂


Do you remember the warm fuzzy feelings you had when you thought about having children? That feeling of excitement and wonder about the journey to come. While you were daydreaming about the joy of raising children, I guarantee that you had visions of loving exchanges and deep emotional conversations. No one ever stops and thinks about the crazy things you will eventually say to your child. I can tell you that there are plenty of things that I never thought I would say to my children, yet I say them over and over again.

  1. Stop licking yourself.
  2. Did you just put your finger in your butt and then sniff it?
  3. Why are you eating boogers?

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Love Tonya

We are BIGGER than Fibromyalgia

You are so much BIGGER and STRONGER than fibromyalgia. Don’t you DARE give up. And if you have lost hope and given up, take your life back!

God Bless and Take Care

This Man…

I just want to take a moment to celebrate my wonderful husband. I love me some him. He is my blessing from God. I have no idea what I’d do without him.

Ladies, let your husband know every single day how much you appreciate him.

That is all.


God Bless and Take Care,

Love Tonya