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I Can’t Wait…

…to See What Happens…

All I know is that it is going to be SPECTACULAR! Just give it all to Him, step back and enjoy. ❤


Share this. You never know who may need some encouragement right now.

God Bless and Take Care,



What Do YOU Feel When You Dance?

I love this question asked by Ana Masacote of Masacote Entertainment out of Boston. She is a beautiful, talented dancer who has inspired me more than she knows.


“What do you feel when you dance?”

Tonya Jump2

I feel freedom when I dance.

I’ve got fibromyalgia so every day of my life is filled with pain.

But when I dance,  I am free of pain.


I’m filled with joy.

I’m connected to my partner…

and the music…

and the energy of all the dancers around me…


I feel beautiful…

And strong…

I feel loved…

and I feel blessed to have this gift of dance. It is an amazing outlet.

So tell me, what do you feel when YOU dance?

God Bless and Take Care
Love, Tonya
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You are Wonderful

All of your experiences mold you into the wonderful person you are today. No one can take that away from you unless you let them.

God Bless and Take Care
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How Did This Happen? I Just Joined the Girl Scouts!

I am a homeschooling mom.  How I made that decision is the subject of a whole nother blog! But anyway, needless to say I’m always looking for ways to have my kids interact with other kids.

I happened to stop by the post office at Eutaw Village, which I NEVER go to. It is nowhere near my house. As a matter of fact, I NEVER go to the post office. Who does that these days? 🙂

As I was leaving the post office, I looked over and saw the Girl Scout office. I didn’t even know they had an office or store! I just thought they met in churches and rec centers. I really was clueless.

I go into the office and I ask the lady how to get my daughter registered. She tells me I have two options. I can either sign her up online and she will be put on the waiting list until who knows when.
OR I can become a Troop Leader and find someone to be a Co Leader with me and she will automatically become a Girl Scout.

Hmmm… Now I’m stuck. I have no clue about Girl Scouts and what they do. I was never a Girl Scout, I don’t know any Girl Scouts, what do Girl Scouts do? And Troop Leader???? And Co Troop Leader???? Where am I gonna find someone to be a Troop Leader with me??? I’m freaking out inside my head a little.

But once the immediate panicked passed, I started thinking. I’ve got my own studio, so I have a place that I have complete control of that I can have my Troop meetings. I’ve got one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world who has just retired from the Air Force and wants something to do and she loves kids even more than I do. Well, I think we’ve got a winner!

So here we are, my bestie and I, trained and ready to go.  Troop Leaders of Troop 1178 in Fayetteville NC.

And now my daughter and I are officially members of the Girl Scouts of America! And we are really proud!

BTW, we are recruiting Daisies and Cadettes. Interested?

God Bless and Take Care
Troop 1178 🙂

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