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Planning vs. Doing

I just read a wonderful post by the people of Edgar, my new social media BFF. 🙂

Stay focused, and keep moving forward! #NoFear

When planning becomes procrastinating

Over-planning doesn’t feel like a bad thing when you’re doing it – in fact, it feels pretty good! You’re creating a believable illusion of productivity, while assuming none of the risk that actually acting on your plans would entail.

If you get so caught up in your plans that you’re constantly putting off action, though, you’re really just procrastinating. Unless you actually launch that blog, self-publish that book, or order those business cards, you may as well be cruising celebrity gossip sites or binging your way through Netflix – your business won’t know the difference either way.

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God bless and take care.



Call To Action: This Family Needs Your Help

Sergio and Family

Sergio Espinoza has been battling Brain Cancer (an aggressive glioblastoma) since January 2014 when he had to undergo brain surgery the day before his 50th birthday to remove a Stage 4 malignant tumor. Luckily, the surgery went better than expected and he was able to start the long and difficult process of receiving Chemotherapy and Radiation. Both treatments have not only caused physical and emotional suffering, but financial struggles as well. Due to the radiation being focused on a specific part of his brain, he has frequent seizures, causing him to be unable to be alone most of the day or to drive; the chemotherapy has also physically just left our father drained of any remaining energy.

Sergio and Family birthday

This family has put out a call for help and we can all do something. Send this family prayers, love and most practical, make a donation. This has turned their lives upside down and they need all the support we can give them.

Please visit this link to make a donation, no matter how small.

Every little bit will give this family some financial relief during this physically, mentally and financially difficult time.

God Bless and Take Care




I just found out that at very beautiful, dear, sweet woman that I love lost everything that she owns, including her car, in a house fire. This was shortly after being notified that she was being laid off.

Please go to this website and donate to help Nydia and her children make it through this horrible, stressful, trying time. And please share this with everyone you know.

Nydia, God bless you and your family. May God surround you in peace, courage, love, comfort and sustain you during this time. Lean on Him and know that this will work out for the good. You will be a testimony on the other side of this. I claim this in Jesus’ name. AMEN

God Bless and Take Care
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